Can anyone help me to add chat option of discord on forum?

Hi, Can anybody share the forum link that has discord chat option? Or do you know how to add discord chat option in forum? A user can chat live from my forum

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You can configure Discord login in settings, so users can use their Discord credentials to login to your Discourse:

You can add this TC:

You can even run a bot from your Discourse server:


However, be sure to checkout the official native Discourse chat plugin:


I tried to use the discord component and fill up all fields. But when I click on the discord icon it shows like this and does not allow to chat. Een it also doesn’t show all groups of servers.

You should discuss it with the author on the Topic.

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Can we use discord with the official native discourse chat plugin?

No, they are distinct solutions.

Okay. do you about some forum who is using discord chat option?

Hi, I’ve already tried this method How to display "Discord Widget" in a dropdown button

Please can anyone help me to add discord widget + chat option with discord on forum?

To my knowledge, Discord just can’t do that, you can only chat on the discord app or on the discord website, and you can put a widget to see who’s online… Tho, I know that a service can do something like that, but I don’t the name of it and it’s probably not compatible with discourse anyway…

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Can you describe in more detail exactly what you are trying to achieve?

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If you want to allow people on the forum to directly chat with people on Discord, then I don’t think that’s possible. Discord is also not using an open standard, which makes this harder. My suggestion would be to start transition already to a instance and use Element as a client. I hope Discourse will launch a Matrix client one day. Then you can bridge Matrix to Discord and you have your communities linked.

Hmmm. I disagree.

You simply have a server on Discord and provide a means to login to your corresponding Discourse using the inbuilt Discord social login feature.

Then you just run the community across both platforms. Simple.

I don’t think it’s any more complicated than that?

If you wish you can add integrations like a bot.

It’s obviously a lot simpler to use Discourse Chat now though …

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