Can category moderators review *all* flags?

[EDIT: I have answered some of my questions via impersonation - sub-mods do not see Staff whispers at all, and basically only get a message/topic wrench. They cannot alter user information as Staff can. Part of this is I have always been Staff and wasn’t sure of Moderator limitations. Thanks!]

Quick question - we are reviewing whether to enable Category Moderation for specific users. It appears they get access to the “review” queue for flagged posts in their assigned category.

Do category moderators also have the ability to see/act upon flags for categories they do not moderate? I’m assuming they would not, but wanted to make sure.

(IE: If Bob moderates only category A, and George is flagged for a post in category B, does Bob have the ability to review and suspend George for the post in category B?)

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No, they do not. They only see things in the review queue that are appropriate for them. Discourse is clever with things like that!


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