Can discourse be installed in private mode

I would like to install discourse on a digital ocean droplet and have only registered users view the content, is that possible?

Yes, simply enable login required in site settings, and only users with accounts can see content. If you also wish to prevent users from creating accounts, enable invite only as well.

Bonus: there is an option to configure a private site when running the new site wizard, which will enable both settings for you.


Is this still the official install guide? It only mentions SSL at the end, should I first set up discourse and then enable SSL?

I am asking because I just read that

although that is not written in the 30 minute install guide.


Yes it is still official. SSL can be enabled during setup, just enter your email when prompted for the Let’s Encrypt email.


I just did this today, I selected their 1 click app - Discourse on Ubuntu 16.04 then

SSH in:


Follow the prompts, you should be good.

If you want https / SSL on both www. and non www. add a * CNAME to the dns settings for your domain and create an A record for your main domain and point it to your server IP. (the www. will redirect to your main)

Good point. And it’s been in the installer for well over a year.

@codinghorror you want to have a look?


Any idea on when v2 will become production-ready?

Sorry, I’m confused. v2 of what?

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Of discourse, sorry for being explicit :slight_smile:

Ah, OK, I think I understand now.

Discourse 2.0.0.beta3 is production ready - it’s what we’re running right here on Meta and for our customers. If you’re looking for Discourse 2.0.0 stable, you’ll need to wait a few months. Keep in mind that stable is not guaranteed to be more “stable” than tests-passed - it is simply updated less frequently and therefore you get a controlled set of bugs, but not necessarily less bugs. See Which branch of Discourse is used internally? for more details.


Is 2b3 the one installed by default on digital ocean? I mean the one-click install.

I’m not certain what version is installed using the one-click install. That is managed by digital ocean, not us. However, once you have completed the one-click install you should be able to update to the latest version.