Can 'Full Screen Composer' button be moved to top-right of 'Composer', not of 'Preview'?

On my desktop-pc, Whenever I start a new topic/msg, I find my pointer (ALWAYS) near the center of composer/pc-window. And most of the times it remains in left half of the screen, where actual typing is taking place, vis-a-vis right half.

But if I wish to maximize this composer window, which I almost always do (and if I don’t want to use KB Shortcut), I’ve to move my mouse pointer to the extreme right edge of the screen to click ‘Enter Full Screen Composer’ button. And then bring same distance back to the composer window side, to click where I have to type entire msg (if the ‘maximize’ button was at the top-right of composer window, this reverse journey would always be half of what it is now).

Won’t it be more useful if it was on the top-right corner of the actual ‘Composer’ window, instead of ‘Composer-Preview’ window’s top-right corner? Hasn’t anybody else found this button a bit in a wrong spot?