Can I align the category banner away from the sidebar?

Is it possible to align the banner in such a way so it would vertically be (always, whether sidebar on or off) in one line with – forgive a non-webdev’s lack of better/proper terminology – where the main content (not the sidebar) is, to the left, as oppose to the center as it is now, I think.
If it’s not possible or there is no straightforward way to do so - might I suggest to enhance this already neat tool that way? So that rest of us, of non-web people would be able to control that behaviour/parameter. Many thanks.

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May I suggest a quick mockup (even Paint® will do :stuck_out_tongue: ) so we can have a clearer idea of what you want to achieve?

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Before making a mock-up — bare in mind that a not-webdev is making these suggestions — what is missing here, in my mind, is the sense that the banner actually belongs to the category (as oppose to top-bar / header as it is).
So, in both views, with left side-bar & without it, the category banner aligns to the left of the main bit (main-outlet element?) and “travels” with it when browser window is resized, that… would give browsees true sense of it being the part of, belonging to the category.

My second suggestion would be to “enhance” the category banner with setting option to disable, to not use category colour

Does that make sense?

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Sorry, I do not understand this part. :confused:

Until it is decided if such a feature would make sense, I paste a SCSS that will do this in case someone needs it:

.category-title-header {
  background-color: transparent !important;
  color: var(--primary) !important;

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You are devel I presume - I said rubbish & there is no “<div id=“main-outlet”>” ? Inspect html source is all I can do.

cat banner align

Did try my best with the picture, sorry.
Or perhaps even better - ? - make it a part of that main-outlet, place it a the top, above “General | all tags | etc…”
Perhaps… as a dual-choice user option (as with colour), between ‘as-is-now’ & ‘inside that main-outlet element / align that way’. Thanks.

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So, for instance, putting it in the above-main-container outlet?

This way the sidebar wouldn’t be pushed down.

Something like this?


Spot on! Exactly what I mean - that is that true sense, given to browsees, of the banner belonging to the category. Again, perhaps as setting option to have that view/alignment when enabled VS as-is-now as the default.


Unless I’m missing something, this setting already exists:


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