Can I Change Push Notification For Discourse White Labeled Android App

I convert my discourse forum to android app. But after installing app, I checked notification option in preference And I found that " This browser Is Not Supported For Push Notification"
Is it start working if I enabled it through “firebase notification” service .
Also, If it possible how can I can Server API key.
Thanks In Advance

Do you mean that you built your own app for your forum, or that you added your forum to the official Discourse app for Android?

Nope, I build my own App, Just turn forum website into android app.

Well, if you built your own app, you’ll have to implement push notifications yourself :slight_smile:
You can get inspiration from the official app which supports notifications for instances hosted by


Means, I should try to implement firebase . Did firebase works directly or I have to change some settings.

You’ll most likely need to do some custom development (possibly using Firebase).


That’s covered here: