Can I change the Solved Education message?


Re: education message -

  1. What’s the copy?
  2. Can it be edited?
  3. When does it pop up?


The disable solved education message setting controls whether this message shows up in the composer or not when you try and add another post to a topic which already has a marked solution:

### This topic has been solved

Only reply here if:

- You have additional details

- The solution doesn't work for you

If you have an unrelated issue, please [start a new topic](%{base_url}/new-topic) instead.

You can customise it to be whatever you like by going to your /admin/customize/site_texts page and either searching for education.topic_is_solved, or a snippet of the text. :+1:

There’s also another little Solved message which isn’t affected by that setting which encourages the OP to mark a solution:

That can be tweaked by looking for these in the same place as the other:


Has your question been answered?


Highlight the answer and help others by using the solution button below the correct reply.

(Though there is an open feature request New "Has your question been answered" popup can't be permanently dismissed to add a setting to this one too)

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Thank you very much for your detailed response :slight_smile:
We want to enable the “close solved topic after (n) hours”, so we’d like to notify the users about it. Something like:
“This topic was marked as Solved and will be closed in (n) hours”. Do you know if Discourse has this option?


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We have the global version solved topics auto close hours set on Meta for our categories that have Solved enabled which works in a similar way to the category-specific close solved topic after (n) hours version.

You can likely have a browse and see it in action, but it would add a topic timer to the bottom of the topic (once a Solution had been picked) with the standard text:

I don’t think you can amend that to be Solution-specific without changing it for all other uses of the same timer. :thinking:

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That’s perfect, thank you!


One more question please -
“This topic will close (n) days after the last reply” -
Does the countdown really count down from the last reply, or from the time where the topic was solved?

When users continue to comment, we’re pushing the Closed time with every response?
(We can set the [n] for its minimal value, if that’s the case)

The ‘Last Reply’ version of the auto-close timer does indeed count from the latest reply on the topic rather than from the Solution. It’s quite useful in case there is more to add, though generally the topics will tail off on their own and not get a lot of extra stuff added once the correct solution has been given. :+1:


Great, thank you.


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