Instantly close topic when marked as Solved and leave a custom message

I know there is an auto-solve, but it needs 1hr minimum set and the main goal is to automatically add a message to a Solved topic and instantly close the topic.


It does seem like a number of minutes would be a reasonable request. One minute seems close enough to zero so it’s not a big hassle if it’s clicked by mistake.

If 1min is best we could do, I’ll settle, haha.

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I know you can go lower on manual timer closes, Not sure if that applies to auto ones. (You can set, say, 0.01 minutes)

Just tried, I can’t force the auto-close timer for solved lower, but you could manually edit the close timers.

Regarding an automatic message being posted once solved, I guess that would require a lot more work? That’s my main concern with all this at least, if it comes down to closing topic VS custom auto-message.

If it’s really important, I think the easiest thing to do might be to fork Solved and change hours to minutes. Then watch the github commits and pull those in when they happen or when you upgrade. Looks like things happen about once a week.

What about the main part of this though about the automatic message when Solved?

Sorry I missed that part. What do you want the automatic message to be? Do you really want a duplicate post for every solved topic? What problem is that going to solve?

I doubt that either feature is likely to be adopted into core (which I have no control over).

But I think what you want, if you want a solution in the near term, is a custom plugin that is triggered on a post getting marked as solved and closes the topic and creates your duplicate posts. I guess it’s $1000 +/- 500.

Just a generic one that can be customized.