Can I change the URL of the main logo?

For example, let’s say I wanted the logo to point to instead of, how would I do that? Is that something I can change easily without needing a developer? Discourse is hosting my forum, if that makes any difference.

The reason I want that is because I want my default forum page when someone goes on the forum to be the “Categories” page so the forum is less intimidating. But I want them to go on the “Latest” page once they click on the logo.

This should work in a theme:

<script type="text/discourse-plugin" version="0.4">
    api.changeWidgetSetting('home-logo', 'href', '/latest')

Thanks! Since I’m a noob, could you specify where to paste this? I assume it’s not where the CSS goes?

Goes into the HEAD section to the right of the CSS one. You can learn about it on Developer’s guide to Discourse Themes