Make logo a link to main website homepage

As long as we’re talking about changes, one of the things I’d like is to change the upper left hand corner logo link to go to our main website, not to the Discourse forums. But that doesn’t appear to be a configurable parameter. (This is on a Discourse-hosted site.)

@MikeNolan I’ve split this into a new topic. You can make that change yourself using CSS but we highly discourage it. If you do that, people won’t be able to get to the forum homepage easily and you’ll break their habits. Why don’t you add a clearly named custom link in the header to the main site? That’s a more intuitive pattern.



if you want to open it into a new window:

i had this at first, but opted for an header icon instead until the navigation menu global custom links section was added, then i just put it in there. can see it in the screenshot above.

note that widgets will be gradually phased out in the future in favour of ember components, but i don’t know of a way to do it yet using ember js.