Can I configure what options are display on posts?

Topics show four actions: Like, Share, Show More, and Reply. I would like to move some things out of Show More, and be displayed by default. In particular, I’m trying to encourage people to mark Solutions. Is there a setting for what is displayed outside the Show More list?

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The “mark as solution” is always out of the show more (and the very first action) for the person who created the topic and can mark it as a solution.


Do you mean this, under Basic Setup?


Thanks, it’s good to know it’s shown to the OP. Now if I could only get them to click it…

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That doesn’t seem to be what I need (Solution isn’t in the menu list). TBH, I’m not sure what menu that is… Or maybe that is the menu, but Solution is a special case dealt with elsewhere?


Just a little update on this one: