Hide the solved icon behind the ... even for OP?

In our case, we aren’t wanting the solved thing to be prominent, but it’s used in places all over. Can we make it so that all users, including the one who started a topic, only see the “solution” icon behind the “show more” ... menu?

If not, is this topic an adequate notice of a request to add such a setting?

Did you ever manage to figure out how to solve this? I’m experiencing the same issue.

You can specify which items to show/hide behind the dots here: Admin > settings > basic setup > post menu, but I do not know the key for the plugin

Update: Accordingly to this code found here, the button will actually be the first for regular users, and hidden from admins. To verify this, you can impersonate a user and see that it indeed works like this. This was good enough for my use-case. Hope the information will be useful for you as well

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