Post action button "Solution" hidden behind ellipsis

In relationship to a previous topic on uncluttering the actions behind the ellipsis symbol (expansion button).

The plug-in Discourse Solved enables users and staff to mark an answer as a solution to a question using the “Solution” button. The solution button is presented as a button:

There is no specific setting for the solution button in the setting “post menu hidden items”.

However, it is hidden behind the ellipsis when I add at least two entries of any type to the setting “post menu hidden items”.

I seem unable to find a category that covers the solution button.

To help original poster of a question to mark the right answer, they should not have to search for an solution button. However, now all buttons have to be displayed.

Would be great when the solution button would have a category in “post menu hidden items” for itself.

An alternative would be an approach like stack overflow with a visual to the left of the title. Despite that the gray/green behavior of that approach also has been found to provide no good guidance to new users.


This is only ever hidden for “staff” that can accept solutions on the behalf of other users.

The assumption is that it is more rare for staff to step in and accept stuff on other people’s behalf.

We could possibly add a knob to stop the staff suppression, but I don’t think it is a good default.


I agree with you that when it is solely behavior for staff that it is acceptable. Our forum is just a few weeks old and helping the users control the UI is challenging since many are not used to forums. At this moment staff approves answers quite frequently which has the related kickback that staff is displayed almost everywhere as last modifier.