Can I create a community site like this for free?

Hello everyone,

I want to know that Can I create a community site like this for free?


Hello, first of all, welcome to the Discourse community, now that you’ve been welcomed, I can start to explain:

IN THEORY, yes, you can, and so I did, but if you do, you can’t have over 25 members trying to do something at the same time or it will say too many requests from this IP.

I think you’d rather spend 5 dollars monthly on DigitalOcean servers.


Check this out

For a small forum, it should work fine as an option. If you anticipate the forum growing I would consider Hetzner have a good price /performance combination.

There are also a few mail servers that are free. I use mailjet. Which I think is limited to something like 200 emails a day.

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Don’t follow the Oracle article as it’ll get you no where in life in terms of the forum. Edit the ports on the public security subnet and then download docker, discourse etc.


Totally agree, spending just a little money always helps when creating a community website and shouldnt be a big of a problem