Self hosting for free with Oracle Cloud

This blog post is from last year. I didn’t see any mention here; I think Oracle as a hosting company is off the radar for most people.

So, before I posted I decided to try it myself to see if it’s really viable. I created a demo site:

I signed up for an account on Oracle Cloud. It said it would take 15 minutes to validate the account but I had to wait two days because of a problem with my credit card (you are asked for a credit card for validation).

I followed the instructions on the blog post and then I followed the normal docker installation instructions of Discourse. It almost worked on first try! I had a problem with the e-mail set up. I think it’s the only part that is not correctly explained in the blog post. I had to read the documentation. The Oracle documentation is very good.

Here is what the free tier includes:

  • 2 (two) free VM
    The VM has 1/8th of an OCPU with the ability to use additional CPU resources. VM.Standard.E2.1.Micro. 2.0 GHz AMD EPYC 7551
    Memory: 1 GB

  • Bandwith: 10 TB

  • Storage: 100 GB block volume

  • E-mail: 1,000 / month (SMTP is not included)