Can I create a link to a personal chat in the sidebar?

Hello! How can I add a quick link (what should this link look like) to go to a chat with a user, as is done here on Meta?:

Yes, you can copy the chat link and create a new section in the sidebar in which you’ll paste your link :slight_smile:


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Hello! Please forgive me for not clarifying my question :pray:. In my case, I would like to make a universal link so that this link works for all users of the site. For example, if I set a link like c/chat/demetrius/5 then it will only work for me, since at the end ID 5 is only for my account. I imagine something like c/chat/demetrius/new-chat, when clicked, each user will have their own ID at the end of the link and a chat window with @demetrius will appear.

I’m afraid this isn’t currently possible. There is an open feature request for it here Link for new DM / personal chat message with pre-filled information (though it seems you’ve already posted to it).


Thanks for the quick response :raised_hands:
Yes, I already wrote a similar question earlier.
But, this question arose for me because I saw a chat with a chatbot in the sidebar here on Meta. I know that usually a chat with a particular user appears in the sidebar after the users have chatted. But, I had not previously communicated with a chatbot on Meta and therefore thought that now there was a function showing a link to a chat with @Chatbot_bot by default for all users on forum :man_shrugging:

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I’m afraid there’s been some confusion. That appears to be a normal user with the username ‘chatbot_bot’, not anything connected to our AI. Looking at the records, you initiated a Personal Chat with them back in August, which is why they show in your personal chat list.

I can see how the name could be misleading though. I’ll look into how to prevent that for others. :+1: