Chat buttons in user context - 3 suggested enhancements

I find the Chat button on the user cards super helpful and use it all the time:


However, it can be quite a pain to direct the recipient to the topic I wish to refer to (if there is one). Doing this requires several clicks. If I wish to quote something it is even worse:

  1. Highlight text
  2. Click "Quote
  3. Copy the markdown
  4. Close reply and click Discard
  5. Hit Chat button on usercard
  6. Paste the markdown content

In /u pages

However, when I’m in a User Summary (e.g. it isn’t possible to initiate a chat directly:

Suggestion 1

Could we also please have a Chat button on the User pages next to the Message button?

Suggestion 2

If a user hits Chat on a usercard in the context of a post, could the chat start with an (easily deletable or optional) link to the post as in Personal Messages?

Yes, I know I can just use a Personal Message, but often an ephemoral chat feels a warmer and more appropriate way to do it.

Suggestion 3

If a post is initiated by "Quote, could there be an option to make it a Personal Message and / or a Chat?