Can I display a Font Awesome class icon next to a user Title?

As per title really, can I somehow display a badge icon in / alongside a Title, like the Shield icon here?

When we create new badges we use the Font Awesome class to generate the icon, eg:


The icon then shows up here on the badge:


Is it possible for us to get these font awesome icons to appear next to the Title too?


I posted this in #support but I’ve just moved it over to #feature as it doesn’t exist yet.

Any thoughts on this as a new feature request?

Or would I be the only one who’d use this? :thinking:

This could likely also be done with a theme component.

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If adding a font-awesome icon on a user title is impossible, how does this Discourse did it ?


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It is possible to tweak user group display using css. See How to make a staff user more recognizable

I’m not sure about using font awesome icons, but you may try to play with css ‘::after content’ ::after (:after) - CSS: Cascading Style Sheets | MDN