Badge image in post template

When a user picks a badge as their title, it would be really cool if the badge image appeared next to the title as well.

In general we err on the side of maximum reduction of visual clutter, I could see this as an option possibly for specific badges. Especially if it has the “right” emoji or font-awesome icon.

Yeah, I can absolutely understand that. Would it be possible to add a CSS class to the title if it’s badged or something, or a data-property - like “data-badge-slug”? Then I could style in an icon manually. Right now, it’s just the title, giving me no entry point to get at it:

I can tell you a bit about my use case, to give you more context: I have a Patreon reward that gives users the option to award themselves a badge depending on their Editor/IDE identity. I.e. “Team Visual Studio Code”, “Team Vim”, “Team Emacs”. It’s kind of like medal that you wear, an the iconography is very important, and just text seems a bit lame - I want it to be impactful so that the people that don’t have it notice it.