Custom badge form uses same label for icon and image

When adding a new custom badge, the “Icon” and “Image” fields both have labels explaining that an image or Font Awesome class is allowed, but (at least in the list of badges on the left) Font Awesome classes do not display when added to the “Image” field.

Yes, seeing the same thing. Entering ‘fa-user-circle’ in the icon field, I was expecting to see an icon showing next to ‘Pro user’, like for the default icons, but it’s not showing up.

its fa-user that you need to use.

I don’t believe that fontawesome 4.7 icons will work as of yet - therefore user-circle will not work. Should be able to use anything up to 4.5.0


thanks Mike.

fa-user would show the same icon than Basic and Member though, and I wanted to distinguish the Pro users from the other users.

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This is a good point we should update to latest font awesome @eviltrout can you take that?


This should do it:


Wow. That was fast. Thanks!

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