Can I hide information about new users in the digest email?

I want to hide information about new users in the summary emails sent to inactive users. How to edit this Preview Summary?

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hi @Ellery :wave: welcome to Meta :slight_smile:

this is the admin guide for the Summary email:

also, i believe the “new users” stat changes to “likes received” if the user has received any likes in the email summary period:

Thank you for your response!

I have read both of these posts, but I didn’t find the feature I was looking for.

I only hope that users won’t see the information about the number of new users when they receive the digest email.

Is this possible?

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Just adding my name to this list :blush:

I suspect it might need to be a feature request though, if I’m understanding this correctly:

It sounds like it’s not a setting we can change and that it’s automated based entirely on if each user has received a “like” since their last visit.

It’d be nice for it to be a setting, even if it just shows them “0 Likes” on their email.