Don't show my own messages in activity summary emails

I joined a community with almost no activity, sent a message to it, and got no reactions for a week. Then I got a discourse summary email which just contains my own message and nothing more. It feels very redundant and creates false hope.

Also, since I am a new user, it shouldn’t be included because of the default setting to not “Include content from new users in summary emails”.
Don't include content from new users.

Not quite sure if it should be seen as a bug or a feature request, so I posted it here to be safe.


I believe “new” means “trust level”. You are an admin, ne? If you add folks you know and give them higher trust levels, they wouldn’t be “new”. :sunglasses:

“False hope” is a bummer, but as your community picks up you’ll have other, “popular” content sent to you. This is a temporary issue for you, I believe. :slight_smile:

No, I’m not the admin. I am just an ordinary user. I don’t think I even have level 1 at that community (and I certainly didn’t when I posted).

“Popular content” is also a very silly description of a topic that has zero likes and a whopping 8 views, most of which probably from myself. If somethings receives zero attention it shouldn’t be sent as a “look at all this new exciting content, please come back”, especially not when it’s just your own comment and nothing else.

The option to exclude “new users” is meant to keep the signal-to-noise ratio down/deal with spam/deal with uninformed users. Presumably you are trustworthy enough to see your own content. :slight_smile:

The email you shared doesn’t seem like a good idea to send out, but I don’t think digests are sent out like that very often; it may just be during the start-up period for a community, where there isn’t a lot of content.

I’m not sure options are driven by communities not being active. :thinking:

At any rate, this might also be something you bring up with the admin of that instance; they may have their content permissions set up so digests don’t make sense.

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It’s a fairly old community, it’s just for a narrow field and doesn’t see very much activity. But sure, I guess it’s not a common enough problem to be worth dealing with.

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