Can I hire a specialist to help me install / customize?

Hello all! I trust you’ll tell me if I’m in the wrong place for this post, and apologies if I am in advance.

I’m new to Discourse, as in, I have weighed alternatives for our new community for several weeks and about 20 minutes ago committed to Discourse. I’m tech capable, but not savvy. Would love to see if someone could help me get this set up properly out of the gates, with some basic customization. If anyone has extensive experience here, would love to hire ya as a consultant for a few hours to get our first version up, then have an ongoing relationship on an ongoing basis. Hate to go to Upwork when there’s such a great, active community here if possible. Can email me at to connect. Thanks!


I’m moving this to #marketplace

I’ll shortly drop you an email with details.


Sorry - clearly in wrong place. Appreciate you moving me. Look forward to email.


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