Where can I find help building a Discourse community?

I’m not sure if this is marketplace, support, or installation, so apologies in advance if miscategorized.

We have a small community of coaching clients on a Slack channel. While it’s only 30 people at the moment, I’m already answering questions multiple times b/c messages get archived, and it’s getting sloppy with people not using threads, etc.

I used to have a simple Discourse forum (for a different project) that I loved. So, I’d like to migrate to another simple Discourse community that is branded with my business. I’m looking for someone that could help migrate / build this community, help create a simple process for new clients to join the forum in onboarding, and possibly stick around to help with ongoing maintenance, improvements, upgrades, etc.

Is this the best place to find someone, or am I better off using a freelance site or something?

Appreciate any help in advance.

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This is the perfect place, though you might want to move this to #marketplace if you would like a Discourse freelancer to help you.

Otherwise, just take a look at the standard install and ask questions here if you have any …


Perfect. Thank you! I’ll post it there.


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