Can I ignore some user agents?

As the question states, I want to make it so a user agent is completely ignored from pageview counts.

In summary my forum manager made an app to check to make sure the forum was online, but in return it does this:

I want to make it so the user agent python-requests/2.21.0 is ignored from pageview counts,

How can I do this?


given that it’s registered as a crawler, try this

I don’t want to block it, it’s intentional. I only want it to not appear on the pageviews section

I’d guess your only option will be using Data Explorer to get data in CSV/JSON format and then visualizing it elsewhere.

I’m not sure if you know this, but if you want to monitor server uptime/responsiveness, you could use things like Prometheus

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Have his app check /srv/status for “ok”


There was a similar request

Deleting data because of ddos is very different than needing a way to check if a server is up without counting the checks as page views.