Can I import users and conversations from Yammer

Hi All,

I run a technical community in the UK and we run our conversations on Yammer, but I am looking to move that to Discourse going forward.

Has anyone managed to do a user and conversation export from Yammer and import to Discourse, so that I do not lose our existing conversations?


Not aware of any yammer imports off the top of my head, but first things first. You need to get some sort of backup off yammer.

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I should be able to get the data export, either from the toolset or I can wrote a quick export utility that uses the API.

Is there a “import schema” that I could use to make it import ready?

Not really, we have a base importer that does lots of heavy lifting, you would need to write about 100-500 lines of Ruby to create a new importer.

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That was my thinking. If I process my export to fit the data model of the base importer, then jobs a good 'Un.

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Afaik, 3 years later, still no Yammer importer


Rats! I’d really like one as there are 3 Yammer networks that I would love to import. I guess that if someone wants one badly enough they will just have to write it themselves.

If you have a budget, I can help. See Discourse Migration – Literate Computing, LLC for some basic information on imports.