Can I install an external application from github running on discourse

For example. I found a simple online counter. Can I install it on the server with yarn and then insert it into the code without any problem to make it work?

No, customization in Discourse is a little more restricted than that to keep everything working. Also, Discourse already comes with built-in view counters on topics.

Check out #theme for an idea of what you can create with the powerful theme customization system.

Okay, but the internet is full of unlimited possibilities. On github I have 150 million different ready-made solutions like buttons, css tooltips, counters etc. Why can’t I install it? It’s a pity that you can’t use so many ready-made solutions but you have to limit yourself to heavy plugins or write yourself if you still have such knowledge and time for it…

It’s a tough life, huh? :wink:

It’s amazing there are so many well paid software engineers, given that on most platforms you can just chuck stuff together and it just works? :wink:

Ahem …

If you invest the time to learn how you can re-use loads of stuff, especially CSS.

Checkout Beginner's guide to using Discourse Themes to start off and keep going!

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