Discourse deployment using github or bitbucket?

I think I’ve installed discourse wrongly. I simply do git clone into my server.

If I want to modify the handlebar template like insert an ad, how do I do it now? I go into my server and cd to var/discourse, I can barely find anything, I couldn’t the template files.

What am I suppose to do should be clone a copy of discourse first into my local and git clone a copy of my local copy to my server, correct?

No. If you would like to run discourse, and get help here, you need to make your modifications by creating plugins.

There are several topics about how to create them.


so everything is plugin based? What if I want to push 1px up of the logo using css? Even that I have to install plugin?

Before modifying the code, you might spend a few minutes looking at the admin interface.

See Admin/customize


Technically speaking, any CSS changes can easily be done in Admin > Customize. You can also modify templates with a bit more work using JavaScript. However, if you want to modify templates to an extreme level, you are better off writing a plugin to do it.


I already did, I couldn’t find any place to insert custom css, I only see option to change color.

See https://yoursite.com/admin/customize/themes

Rather than editing the default themes you should create new ones and make them child themes of the main ones.



I can put custom css when I created a new child theme on my site? or I still have to touch code on server?

The correct way to build a new theme is this Structure of themes and theme components, but it’s not mandatory. For minor changes to the style you can simply create a New stylesheet and add it to another theme as a component, no need to touch the code on server.

Use the search function here, you’ll find a lot of discussions for themes.