Can I reset the IP of ALL users on my forum?

So, before I didn’t use VPN and now I’m using it, but my old IP shows, is there a way to reset my IP and everyone else’s so it doesn’t show the old ones anymore?

Other than that I also entered the account of some members and I don’t want them to see in the security part that my IP is in their account, resetting this would not show it anymore?

not sure about resetting the IPs but there is this topic about not logging them.

I think something like

./launcher enter app
rails c
User.all.update_all(last_ip: nil)

I’m not sure what the field name for the last ip is, so you’ll look at the fields in User.last to find its name. You type q to leave the pager.


when I type User.last, this page appears and everything crashes

What do you mean “everything crashes”? That’s the pager that I said you’d type a q to leave. You should first hit the space bar to scroll down to find the ip address. You’ll also then type exit a couple of times to get out of rails and then the container.

You should probably make a backup before you do this.

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According to data explorer, it should be ip_address.

Also daniela, I’d suggest you don’t paste screenshots leaking password information about your users. I’ve edited your screenshot, but since it was visible for hours, if it’s not a test account, you should ask this user to change their password.