IP logging on my site

Hello! I am having an issue with my forums, and I wouldn’t like for any IP to be logged any time an user logs in, could someone instruct me how to do this?

User IP addresses are already visible via /admin. You can pull together a report of all latest user IP addresses via the data explorer plugin.

Do you want to see the current IP, or all historic IPs for a user?


It’ll be pretty hard to turn off IP logging. It would be hard, for example, to block IP addreses if you’re not recording them.

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I guess that’s what he wants (NOT log IPs). The question is not 100% clear, but it seems to be his wish (to be confirmed). Like many things, this already came up in the past:

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No, I would like for my website to not log any IP addreses any time a person enters my website and registers or logs in

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The linked topic recommends using an external reverse proxy that’s intentionally mis-configured to not pass on the IP address. It might be possible to tweak the internal nginx to mask the IP. It’d still be in the nginx logs for some amount of time.