Can I see in the statistics which post received the most likes


We are currently setting up our own discourse forum and I would like to know whether there is a way to see which posts received the most likes. I looked for such feature in the statistics overview but couldn’t find anything. Then again, I might have not looked properly as I am still only getting used to all these features. Thanks for your help!


Easy way: (likes gives in all topics) (likes gives in OP topic aka first post of each topic)
or type in:likes and order results by “most liked”

Hard way:
write a query for this and use Data Explorer plugin


This doesn’t seem to work properly. If I go to my user page here, this is a list of my most liked posts:


If I use search to find my most liked posts, my four most liked posts don’t appear

You cannot like your own post so your search query makes no sense…

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Ok, so if that query is a list of posts I’ve liked and not my most liked posts, why does it return any of my posts? And what about this search from our forum. If I search for most liked posts I get

I don’t understand why this post isn’t on the list. 22 likes is more than 21.


You aren’t using the correct search syntax.

In the post from @dax the search term offered is in:likes whereas in your screenshots you’re adding a space and searching for in: likes - you’re adding a space between the operator and argument.

Spot the difference:

Look at the right hand side - when used correctly in:likes searches for posts you have liked. It automatically checks that box. When you add the space you’re actually searching for posts which contain the word likes:

Presumably the post with 22 likes doesn’t include the word likes, so wouldn’t be returned by the search query.

Edit: Confirmed, I just found the topic in question on It won’t be returned for a query which it doesn’t match.


Is there a way to find list of all the posts made by an ‘example’ user, which has/have been liked by at least one other member?