Can I treat a tag (or grouping of tags) as a Category?

I’m curious on if it is possible for to treat postings within a Tag or Grouping of Tags (“Moving”) as a listed category.

Basically, I’d reassign /tag/moving to be listed as a category for users. Seems I cannot do this for a grouping.

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No, not at the moment, but strategically grouping a set of categories and tags into “this is the list of topics I care about, I literally don’t care about anything else” is something that is under active discussion by the Discourse team.


Thanks for the info! My thought is in regards:

  1. Uncategorized
  2. Category for everyone/trust levels
  3. Category for Group
  4. Category-ish appearance, but actually just tags. This is because I don’t have a more convenient way to incorporate /tag/moving into our landing page which lists things by category. If it existed, I could see this being quite limited in comparison to just having a standard category.

I suppose this idea kind of reminds me of our Discuss category actually being uncategorized. Instead of uncategorized, I’d list a category actually made up of particular tags. Thanks for considering and replying! :+1:

@codinghorror also worth noting this topic connects to a different suggestion I had for adding tags via email. creates a new topic in uncategorized. creates a new topic in uncategorized, but adds the tag Accessibility.