Can I turn off location?

We are running an anonymous community via Discourse and members create a username that doesn’t identify them. On a few members’ profiles recently their location has come up and been recorded in their profile. Is this a feature we can turn off? I’m pretty sure they didn’t go to their profile and enter it. If someone accesses from a mobile does it automatically record their location maybe? Any help you can offer me on how to turn it off so we can protect our members’ anonymity very much appreciated. Thank you.

It’s likely they did, it’s a simple text input in their preferences:

This input and the location on profiles/usercards can be hidden using CSS (added to your theme under admin > customize > themes):

.user-card .location-and-website .location {
  display: none;

Note that this isn’t completely secure for people that have already entered their location, because it would still be findable in the HTML. As an admin you can clear that input for them before hiding it.


Thanks that’s really helpful. Sorry to be daft but not sure where to enter that CSS.

I have got to this point…

thank you so much for your help

Hey Nicky!

No worries you are almost there you need to press a theme you want it to apply to. For example if you were to press dark and scroll down you will see a button that says Edit CSS/HTML

Just go to Common CSS and paste in the CSS Kris provided above.

Be sure to press save once you are finished.


You’re being very kind. Thank you so much for your help. It appears that with the theme we’re using I can’t customise the CSS. It says that editing of remote themes is disabled…

Any other ideas / options open to us do you know?

Thanks again

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Ah, looks like your current theme is a remote theme. You can’t edit that.

In this case you need to create a new theme component, add the CSS to the component, and then include the component in your active theme. If you’re interested in learning more about theming, see Beginner's guide to using Discourse Themes.