Can I use SES for sending and Gsuite for receiving email?

Do I need an MX Record for sending discourse email? At present, I am using as my MX record. After some reading, I came to know that an MX record is not needed for sending an email.. If that’s so can I use Gsuite MX instead in such a way that I can use SES for sending and Gsuite for receiving?

In theory, yes it should work. I assume you are planning to use POP3 to fetch mail from GSuite?

The best way to achieve incoming email is to use this technique, and avoid POP3 completely:


Thanks for the response.

I have gone through the link. Is it necessary to create a new container? I don’t want the reply by email feature and it’s currently disabled. I am trying to configure a workspace email with Gsuite and at the same time send all the signup, digest and all other outbound emails from my forum via AWS SES.

At present, MX records for my site points to I don’t know if it’s necessary for outbound mail. If I replace it with Gsuite’s MX records will it affect my outbound email via SES?

MX records are just for receiving mail. If you just want outgoing mail, then they’re not needed.

You may want to double check your SPF records to make sure they include SES.

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Thanks for the response. I have already included SES in my SPF
(“v=spf1 ~all”).

I have one more doubt. If I set up SPF, DMARC and DKIM records for outbound mail from Gsuite, will it mess up with my SES’s SPF, DMARC and DKIM?

I solved the problem by creating a new subdomain and verified it with SES. Then I verified my main domain with gsuite.

Thank You

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