Can not visit again after port change to container/app/yml

I tried my first-time installation of Discourse today. I did move forward to the typical page of “Discourse successful installation”. I did not click “register” button to finish the 14-steps initial configuration.

Instead, i opened container/app/yml and change the port from 80 to 8080 (also 443 to 8443). I rebuilt the app and the docker container Discourse is running.

When I wanted to visit again, i found i can not visit it. What can i do to get the link back to normal visit? Thank you all for kind attention.

Why would you change the port?

Connecting to discourse on non-standard ports isn’t supported.

HTTP means port 80.
HTTPS means port 443.

To get it back to normal, restore the ports to their supported values.

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Thank you Stephen for your reply. I already have installed a Wordpress website on the same server with the main domain

I stoped Nignx and Apache temporarily in order to have Discourse intalled. After the Discourse installation we need to restart Nignx and Apache sevices. That is why I changed the port of Discourse (http port from 80 to 8080 and https port from 443 to 8443) after the installation.

You should really be following this guide: