Install Discourse, change docker port 80



Hi, i want install Discourse, i have docker but i need change the port server from 80:80 for 10080:80 because my por 80 is not free.

(Benjamin Freeman) #2

In you app.yml edit :


  • “10080:80”
  • “2222:22”


./launcher rebuild app


Thank’s for the answer @Vernam


Is there a way to so this in the ./discourse-setup step?
I’d like to have the alternate port set right from the start rather than having to rebuild.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #5

Don’t run discourse-setup, edit app.yml directly, run launcher bootstrap app.


thanks, that’s easier than mucking about with templates!

(Ben) #7

Copy the sample file

sudo cp samples/standalone.yml containers/app.yml

open it

sudo nano containers/app.yml

and change the port on line 23

- "8080:80"   # http

rebuild it

./launcher bootstrap app

(Angel Grablev) #8

You sir a white knight! Ty a million!