Can permalink redirects have accents and diacritics?

Hi! My team has recently migrated from a different community software to Discourse and created permalinks following the instructions in Redirecting old forum URLs to new Discourse URLs.

It does not work as we expected, however, and we are seeing the Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private message when testing the newly created permalinks. Example:

Permalink.create(url: '/s/question/0D54u00007FACgZCAX/como-trocar-os-status-do-pedido-além-dos-que-tem-endpoint-como-o-starthandling-cancel-e-invoiced-li-a-documentação-e-não-achei-qual-o-endpoint-para-enviar-por-exemplo-verificando-envio-orderaccepted', topic_id: 22689)

I would like to know where we could look to debug the issue. Are there any logs that I can look at to understand the routing logic applied to specific paths?

If anyone wants to try navigating through our community, it’s available at

Just created a simpler example and it seems like that is the issue:

:no_entry_sign: Permalink.create(url: '/héllo-world', topic_id: 22689)
:white_check_mark: Permalink.create(url: '/hello-world', topic_id: 22689)

So no, permalinks do not currently support accents and diacritics.

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