Problem with permalinks

I’m seeing some odd behavior with permalinks on our site. I have a permalink set up to which works from a fresh session (in an incognito window, for instance, or even just a new tab) By “works” I mean it returns a 301 redirect to the location configured in /admin/customize/permalinks as I’d expect

I have that link inside a different post on the forum, though, and when that link is followed I get this:

The correct page loads on refresh, but as you might imagine this looks pretty unprofessional to our members. Is there some reason I don’t know about that would prevent that from working?

Permalinks are intended to remap inbound links to your Discourse instance, and are useful when migrating from another platform. They catch inbound traffic and reroute those requests to the new destination, which is why they work when you hit refresh.

They’re not going to work within Discourse itself, please use the correct internal URL, rather than the permalink that you’ve created which redirects to it.


Yes, these are for external URL redirection, there is no concept of internal redirection.