Can someone repair our plugin?

(Michael - #1

Our plugin broke, and we are unable to fix it due to lack of frontend (Ember) knowledge.
We’re looking for someone who’s able to make it work again.

(Vinoth Kannan) #2

Hi @michaeld , What is your budget, that you can offer for this task? Currently I don’t want hosting. So price in $ USD.

(Richard - #3

This is not a timeboxed assignment where we have a budget and you can give us as much functionality as possible within that budget. It’s simply a matter of fixing the plugin. Our budget should not influence your price in that case.

So you estimate how much it will cost and we’ll say yes or no :slight_smile:

(Vinoth Kannan) #4

He mentioned it as free hosting. That’s why I asked. Okay I sent PM to @michaeld :slight_smile:

(Michael - #5

@vinothkannans did a great job on this!

(Robin Ward) closed #6