[PAID] Help with custom plugin (Maintenance, Bugfixes)

Hey there,

I’m looking for someone experienced with plugin development for Discourse. I’m using a custom plugin that was developed by someone who’s not able to do the maintenance because he’s part of the discourse team now.

First step would be to fix some incompatibility with the current discourse version - should hopefully be nothing big.

Next steps could be some extension of features, but that’s not an imminent.

In terms of cost I’m flexible to hear your offer when you see the amount of work that is to be done. I’m fine to pay via Wise, CC, Paypal or SEPA.

Get in touch via DM if you’re interested. I’ll send you the github Repo and some info about that task.



Thanks for everyone getting back on this in my private messages.
I will get back to everyone as soon as possible. Just be aware that it might take a few days.

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