Can the Original Post display in Wordpress Comments?

Is there a setting to force the Original Post to display within Wordpress Comments?

I tried reducing the “Min Number of Replies” setting to 0 versus 1. Maybe I’m missing a setting or something elsewhere?

Use Case
We’re frequently manually linking to existing topics on Discourse from Wordpress as opposed to publishing a Wordpress post to Discourse. We’d like the Original Post to show up in Wordpress Comments since it’s usually full of some really great info that’s helpful to folks browsing our website (opposed to the standard, generated Original Post that publishes with the Wordpress Post).

Visual Mockup
Here’s a mockup to explain this visually (I’d share links but our community is private). Not sure if it matters, but we’re on the Discourse Standard plan.

Thank you for your time, and apologies in advance if I’m missing an obvious setting!

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There isn’t a setting for this, but I can see how it would make sense for your use case.

The route that the plugin queries to pull in Discourse comments does not return the topic’s original post, so adding this as a feature to the plugin would require some changes to the Discourse code.


Thank you @simon—makes sense.

I suppose one hack we could do is to move the Posts from the existing Topic to a new Topic with a dummy/short Original Post (along with creating a short Original Post on New Topics that are created—seems like a complicated rule for our community members to follow though).

Yes, that sounds complicated. I don’t think that what you are wanting to do will be added as a feature to the plugin in the near future, but there are a couple of ways it could be accomplished through a WordPress theme or plugin that extends the WP Discourse plugin. To do that, an API request would need to be made to Discourse to retrieve the topic’s first post. That post’s content could either be appended to the WordPress post, or added to the comments area. Adding the OP to the WordPress comments area might require a new filter hook gets added to the WP Discourse plugin. I’d be happy to add it if that was the case.

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Thank you for your help @simon - I think we will work around it for the time being.