Is it possible to post a new comment from WP to Discourse?

I’m testing out the WP Discourse Plugin, and it’s not immediately clear if this is possible.

While we’d like to use all of the features of the plugin, including listing all of the Discourse topic replies on each WP post, we’re also looking to see if it’s possible to have a comment form directly on the WP post that will send that comment to Discourse as a topic reply. So in theory, if two people are commenting on one article, one person could be solely using the WordPress post, and the other person solely using Discourse, and they could be talking back and forth. I’ve already setup the API key and Webhook, but seeing the needed WP template functions or settings is not obvious.

Apologies if this has been covered already. Happy to be linked to a known solution, but after searching and reading through various topics I could find a direct answer

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By design, the WordPress plugin does not allow comments to be created directly on WordPress. Users need to visit the Discourse forum to post comments. It is technically possible to create comments directly on WordPress, but you need to add some code to your WordPress site that extends the plugin in order to do this. It is possible that some members of the Meta community have example code for setting this up that they would be willing to share.

I tried searching for it myself and didn’t have much luck. It’s a question that has been answered on this forum multiple times, but it’s not obvious what to search for to find the answer. I will update the plugin’s readme file so that it makes it clear that comments need to be created on Discourse.


That’s perfect, thank you Simon. And you understood my intention but to correct my typo, I could not find a result via search - but looking through the template help thread and the plugin itself, it does seem that there is enough there to try to combine the two. I just wanted to get some validation that this did not exist as-is, before embarking on the journey. Thanks again for the help.