Can the "Share" button be removed or hidden?

I’m running an invite-only community and I don’t want the “Share” button to show up at the bottom of the posts. I see an option to select whether Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Email show up on the share dialog, but I don’t see anything to disable the Share option entirely.

I managed to hide this option on the individual post level by removing “share” from the “post menu” setting, but this is at the post level, not the topic level. Any ideas?

In the settings then share links, you can delete Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and email and it should be ok

I know that and I’ve done so but it still shows the button and provides a URL. If none of those sharing options are available, there’s no real point to even showing the “Share” button. I’d prefer to simply remove the option entirely for the user because it’s an invite only community.

And I do realize they can go to their address bar and copy/paste the URL but the point is to discourage people who don’t read the guidelines from seeing the “Share” button and copy/pasting that link elsewhere.

It’s more of a UX thing than anything else.

With this css, I was able to hide the button :

.ember-view.share.btn.standard {
    width: 0px;
    margin-left: -30px;
    visibility: hidden;

I think it could be done more elegantly, but it works


That’ll work well enough. Thanks!