Can the Zoom plugin also do meetings?

Hi. Basic question: The plugin is called “Zoom Webinars”. I am looking for a way for users to host zoom calls on my forum–standard zoom meetings where all participants can see each other (instead of “webinars”, which are, AFAIK, not interactive visually between the host and the audience–they are more like live streams). Is this plugin useable for that purpose?


Currently the plugin only supports webinars, it does not support regular Zoom meetings.


Any plans to extend to support regular Zoom calls? In my experience that’s the more common use case and it could be quite useful to have a similar thing to the Jitsi integration for simple Zoom events, even if it’s basically just adding a link to launch a specific event.

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Unfortunately, no, there are no plans to support regular Zoom meetings at this point. Zoom’s API has separate endpoints for meetings and webinars, which means that we can’t quickly add support for meetings.


Ah I see, thanks for clarifying!

Been testing the Jitsi theme component and works quite nicely, I could see an equivalent for Zoom (simple “join meeting”) being useful where you can’t create meetings but basically just a shortcut widget to make a button to join an existing meeting.

Though maybe at that point doesn’t add enough vs just a simple link. I guess one thing would be when adding, if you could select from an account’s existing meetings…