Can we host events in discourse?

Does Discourse allow to host webinars?

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Also take a look at


Thanks @merefield it definitely helps!


I create a topic where I list our next events, then a create a topic for each event where I write

  • topic
  • summary
  • name of the speakers
  • info about the meeting
  • a poll where I ask for participation, so I know who is going to attend
  • the .ics to save it on their calendar
  • the link for zoom

I organized at least 40 meetings over the last two years.
At the end of the meeting I replace the zoom link with the youtube video and I use the post to follow up with the discussions. Speaker generally answers additional questions that come in the following days…

I know It’s in Italian but I hope that the “template” is clear enough.


Thank you for your help here. This looks good. We an have all the details on one page and can later on update Zoom/Event link with the exact video recording link. Really appreciate that.


Yes, it’s a bit homemade but it works like a charme :slight_smile:

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