Can we add "feed" function on Discourse?

There are multi feed subscription websites. I’m wondering whether we can add feed on discourse. Like show the feed contents on the Discourse, or let Discourse be feeded.

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You might want to look at:

It might not be immediately clear from the other answer that I think all you want to know is that you can just add RSS to any URL that makes sense.

feature - Discourse Meta


So? Not working you mean?

If what you want to do is get an RSS feed of a Discourse category, then you need only add .rss to that URL (which you can see by clicking the URL).

If what you want is to embed some other site’s rss feed into Discourse, my answer is no help.

There was once this topic, but I haven’t a clue what ever came out of it

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Good point.

@LeoMcA what became of your RSS plugin? I don’t see it on your github page.

Oh, but I do! I found discourse-rss-poster, last updated Dec 3, 2016.


View source to find the proper RSS feed discovery tags, which is what RSS readers actually do… don’t just randomly slap .rss on the end of URLs, no matter what @pfaffman says :wink:

<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="RSS feed of &#39;Can we add &quot;feed&quot; function on Discourse?&#39;" href="" />


It’s still there :wink:

But, yes, I haven’t taken a look at it recently. Could be totally broken. I know there’s a few bug reports floating around I haven’t had time to get to yet. When I do find that time, I’ll finally actually publish the plugin in #plugin.

I know asking if a feature would be welcome in core because I don’t really have time to maintain it as a plugin is cheating, but @team would a “post from rss feed” feature be welcome in core? It seems to be a reasonably frequent request and is a feature in other forum software.


When it comes to nice-to-haves we usually leave it up to our customers to decide. If one or two customers asked for this plugin, we might consider adopting it as an officially supported plugin. Only if a whole lot of people ask for it would be consider building it into core.

One thing it has going for it is that it’s a “seeding tool” to easily get some content/discussions started on your forum; we like seeding tools, because growing a community from scratch is hard, and we strongly prefer this type of method over slightly more dubious approaches like posting with fake users.

p.s. Don’t be shy about asking for :moneybag: to do extra development! I know charging money for basic maintenance & upkeep is a bit awkward, but unfortunately this will happen frequently so long as plugin developers need to keep up with the fast moving target that is Discourse beta/tests-passed. One great new option for support these days is

You gently tell users to support you there if they’d like to expedite development.