Can we combine 2 separate discourse sites?

Can we combine 2 separate discourse sites? I have 2 discourse sites. And I want to close someone. Can I move the contents of the discourse site that I closed to the main site? 2. site is connected to main site with discourse connect. So the memberships are shared. Thanks

Hey Kuaza, yes this is possible. See:


I tried it a year and a half ago and found it was not that easy.

After several false starts, I gave up and enlisted the services of @pfaffman - you won’t find a better discourse migration expert outside of the Discourse team!! And he struggled with it too.

The main issues were:

  1. The script had a lot of awkward gem dependencies and other fiddly bits that needed to be sorted
  2. My ‘from’ database had lots of issues that needed to be sorted before it would run. Lots of problems!!
  3. The fidelity was disappointing, with no catering for UCFs, likes, or other richer content.

In the end I abandoned that path and did a simple category import of my lesser forum and lived with the low fidelity for that content.

I’m not sure (unless things have changed) that the merger script is used often enough for it to be polished. But I can attest that this is:


Thanks but I got errors in some parts and unfortunately the explanation is insufficient. env settings section, for example, where do we do this? how are we going to do? there is no information. It is necessary to update the subject in detail for people who do not know much.