Merge two Discourse forums into one

What would you like done?

I need to merge one active Discourse instance with 60K users and 500K posts with an offline Discourse instance with 200k users and 1kk posts.

When do you need it done?


What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?

Budget up to negotiation

Extra: possibility to have two other instances one of phpBB and one of SMF to merge with. Can be done in multiple milestones:

  1. Merge with other Discourse
  2. Merge with an phpBB instance
  3. Merge with a SMF instance
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I’ll be able to help with that, sending a PM.

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I’ve moved categories from one Discourse instance to another using:

If you just need the users and their posts, this works really well. The trick would be to automate the process. Also, it would take a long time for thousands of posts and users!

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Sending a pm


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