Can we have a point system? Or do we have to use plugin?

Hello everyone, I’m looking for your help :slight_smile:

I want to have a point system on my website but don’t know how.

I know we have a badge system that could show users some rewards and trust level but that’s not want I want. I want to show the actual number of points they have.\

For example,
sign in 1 day and you get 1 point.
Make 1 new post, you get 5 points.
Make 1 comment under other’s post, you get 2 points.
Share 1 post to your social media, you get 1 point.

stuff like above…

I checked lots of messages on Discourse meta but unfortunately I couldn’t find the answer. Some people suggest to create a plugin to achieve this, and some people suggest to do more research on Badge system but no one actually gave an answer.

So, to achieve this point system, do I need to create a plugin? Or is there any alternative way to do?

Thank you in advance for you kind help :grinning:


There’s no built-in functionality for a points system, and no immediate plans to add one to the core system. You’ll need to look into a plugin.


Many thanks Matt! I will look at plugin to go ahead :thumbsup:
Thank you!

Hey Jiaqi,

Did you find a plugin that does this?


Do we have a point system part of the core or still using a plugin?
In core, where to find it?
In plugin, where to find it?

Thank you.

@mpalmer Do you know if there is a plugin for points system? Where to get it? Thank you.

It doesn’t exist, as no one has wanted it bad enough to build it or sponsor it to be built.


@cpradio thank you for your quick reply. I will stick with wordpress + bbpress + point system at this time. I like discourse but point systems to reward participation is a must have for my community.

Happy holiday.

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Hey Peter,

I didn’t find one. I just asked my co-worker to create it from scratch.

If I’m understanding what you’re after, I’m not sure it would need to be done by a plugin.
If you are good at putting together database queries you might be able to create Badges that are granted based on how many times another Badge has been granted.

Did you add a feature related to this topic? @Jiaqi

There is now Discourse Gamification