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I am looking for a developer who can fully integrate a points and awards/merit system like stackoverflow along with notifications of the same. There should be hooks to attach point and award generation to almost any kind of user activity possible on the forum and same should be customizable from the backend.
This may or may not be of any use. https://github.com/merit-gem/merit

I know the idea of discourse is really not much into gamification but we really need these features.
Please get back to me with a quote and if you need any other information.


Bumping it up if anyone wants to get the job done.

Can you give a little more detail? I’m not sure what you’re calling gamification. I may be a little dense, though. What events trigger what to happen?

Also, what’s your budget for this? That helps tremendously when deciding to engage or not?

Well, gamification will include a points system and an awards system. User will be given points for actions like posting, liking, receiving likes/upvotes, filling up their profile info etc.

You can get some idea here - http://mycred.me/hooks/
Its wordpress plugin for user points. it uses hooks to award points for almost anything. Its an extensive plugin but I am not expecting something exactly like it (It’ll cost a bomb to develop.) but its certain features can be replicated.

As for the awards, it’ll be an automatic system which will award badges/trophies for completion of certain user actions/achievements. You can get some idea here. https://github.com/NoahY/q2a-badges
Check the badge list. Its a plugin developed for a question and answer system but its awesome.

This is a rudimentary run down of the requirements. As for the money, I am not very sure, can’t pay in 4 digits $$.
If this goes well, we’ll be happy to release the plugin for the community too.

Thanks for that. My initial thought is to use the built in badge structure. You wouldn’t need a plugin for that. Have you done searches here on Meta for creating your own badges?

I guess badges will sole the purpose of the awards plugin I was talking about. but what about points ?

Not sure on that one. I suppose you could go with badges that can be granted multiple times and use the count of badges as your points.

I want users to get points when they post content, when their content gets liked, comments posted on their content etc. I don’t think this would be possible with badges.

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Take a look at this topic. I think it’s possible.

I guess points could be generated based on the badge system but instead of actually awarding badges it should award points.

I suppose that means you could rewrite the whole badge structure and rename it with text customizations from Badges to Points.

I cannot do that. I am not a coder/developer. I can just think of stuff, not actually implement it. This is why I need guys who can code.

Outside of tweaking the badge queries I linked to above, I don’t think you need to code at all. This topic might help with the renaming bit I mentioned.

Well, you are a gem, not a ruby one (bad pun intended), I really appreciate your help mate but this stuff is too technical for me. Changing a bunch of text if fine but the entire points calculation, awarding of points, showing points in user pages etc is way off my limits.


Discourse has made changing text very easy by having an Admin UI for it. No manual changing of files need be done, no coding savvy needed. Just familiarity with the Admin UI.

Discourse also has quite a lot of information in the database to work with.
Crafting good Badge queries requires knowing Postgres SQL and familiarity with the Discourse database so admittedly that might be a bit much for many, including some devs.

Displaying “points” on member Profiles should also be fairly easy. One way being to have a custom field set to display there.

But, before a query can be put together exactly what criteria used to “calculate” needs to be known.

If you can put together a detailed and exact list of requirements and conditions eg.

  • need this many ____
  • must not be _____


then that could be translated into code.

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